You want to get into Open Science? Welcome!

We all started somewhere and know it can be daunting. Here are three ways to make it as easy and painless as possible!

Way 1: Want to start your own journal club?

Do it! It’s a low commitment, fun and flexible way to start spreading Open Science ideas in your department. It allows you to learn the fundamentals together with the people you work with. Making it easier to implement new ideas and practices. We also have an active Slack community where ReproducibiliTea organizers support each other.

We have an OSF page where you can download all the necessary materials that you can freely share and adapt. There you will find:

  • A welcome letter telling you more about ReproducibiliTea
  • The ReproducibiliTea Logo
  • Various ReproducibiliTea poster templates
  • A sample checklist for organising your own Journal Club
  • Our reading lists on many Open Science topics
  • And much much more …

If you are planning to start your own ReproducibiliTea journal club, all you have to do is to please get in touch with us (! We will send you the sign up details to get you on our website, Slack group and add you to our mailing list.

Way 2: Want to join an existing journal club?

We now have journal clubs set up in many universities. There is probably one in your area:

Additionally, many of our journal clubs are online and gladly welcome interested guests. If you are interested, Check out our community calendar:

Way 3: Just want to get into it by yourself for now?

We got you!

Here some great reading lists to get you in the know quick and easy with complementary summaries and presentations:

You can find all the Reading lists here.

Need even more resources? Check out our friends at FORRT.